Work 1:1 with Sonja

I have been advised by Sonja Courtis the Matrix Reimprinting, Emotional Freedom Technique and Biocompass practitioner and I give my full consent to receiving sessions with Sonja.  I understand that results vary and that the above named practitioner may not guarantee results.

I acknowledge that all sessions must be pay for prior to commencement of session via Bank Transfer, credit card (at time of booking) or cash at beginning of session.

Some of the techniques adopted during my consultation may initially engage me in some of the emotions and symptoms of the issues that I am addressing and it is vitally important that I continue to tap (or do whatever I am instructed to do) until I am fully calm and clear of the emotions and symptoms. I am aware that for a deeper level of results it is important to acknowledge that it will require commitment of my time and efforts. The amount of investment will reflect the results I receive and I cannot hold Sonja Courtis wholly responsible for lack of results of outcomes.

Working with Sonja is not a replacement for medical treatment, psychological or psychiatric services. I also understand that Sonja Courtis does not treat, prescribe or diagnose any condition. It is at my discretion whether to inform all other health practitioners that I work with of my sessions with Sonja.

I am aware and understand that in some cases it may be helpful for Sonja to respectfully tap on my meridian points as per the EFT/MR Protocol. Sonja will always ask for my consent before doing this.

I have agreed to participate in each session to the best of my ability. I have been advised that I am free to terminate any or all sessions at any time. Any sessions that  have been prepaid for and not utilised even after being reminded to by Sonja, are forfeited after the nominated time period as stated in the package plan I chose to invest in. Sonja will remind me to rebook a maximum of two times, after the second reminder, if a lapse in time of a month or more, this will result in any remaining sessions to expire and be non-useable therefore no refund will be offered.

I understand that, as the professionally trained individual, Sonja will advise of the number of sessions required, this is not a final number and it is possible that I may require more, however I am under no obligation to continue working with her once a package of sessions has transpired.

I have accurately provided background information as requested by Sonja Courtis.
I understand that confidentiality regarding my sessions will be honoured between Sonja and I, unless she determines that I may be a danger to myself or others, then she will be required to notify relevant authorities. I give permission for Sonja to keep notes on our sessions on the understanding that they will be kept confidential at all times and only accessible by herself.

I understand that Sonja Courtis has the right to terminate any services if she deems they are no longer supporting the client or feels her own safety or professional boundaries are being compromised.

If I am to be late for appointments this will directly affect my session time and reduce the amount of time spent in session with Sonja. It is my responsibility to notify Sonja if I am going to be late. If I miss an appointment without valid reason, due to the extensive reminder system provided, that appointment will be cancelled and no refund will be provided.

If I reschedule my sessions more than twice, on the third reschedule my session will be cancelled, (unless in the case of unforeseen emergencies).
Due to heavy client demand, please be informed that a late minute cancellation will result in a potential two or more week delay in rebooking. Reschedules are permitted in case of emergency and unforeseen circumstances.
Whether on a payment plan, pre-paid package or pay as you go option, if more than three consecutive sessions are missed or forfeited without adequate time frames or sufficient explanation, provided Sonja has made every effort to engage client in ongoing sessions and communicated as to requirements of client, it is at the discretion of Sonja to terminate all further services. Under these circumstances if no appropriate communication has been entered into on behalf of the client, no refunds will be provided.

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4 Month Package (8 or 16 session (30min online) option

8 sessions is a great benchmark to dig deeper and go further with the transformation journey. 

I find 8 sessions really allows for us to start to notice some decent shifts in your psychology and emotions. We aim to do the sessions fortnightly but can be done weekly.

You can select to pay in full or have a set payment plan.

On this checkout page you are being asked to set up your Password, which along with your email address will be your login details for accessing the coaching portal, to book your sessions, access resources and recordings etc. So make sure you keep these login details handy for future access also!

Once you have purchased this package, you will be taken to your private coaching portal where you can book your first session, see any available resources and make any private notes ahead, during or after each session also [note these are private to you, I cannot see them].