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eft health matrix reprinting Aug 28, 2017

Many of you may or may not have heard of Emotional Freedom Technique and the hugely positive and successful impact it is having on helping people overcome various physical and emotional issues, however, there is a newer more ‘quick-fire’ version of EFT that is bringing about quantum healing for people. ‘Matrix Reimprinting’ which takes EFT principals and has expanded on them to bring about faster deeper results by addressing core beliefs and their origins is bringing about profound healing where other modalities may fall short. Created by Karl Dawson from the UK in 2006 whilst working with a client using EFT, it is one of the newest tools in helping people truly ‘heal’ and live their lives free of pain, illness and disease, both emotional and physical.

Those of us who own cars (and that is the majority of the population) are probably highly reliant on them and therefore take a reasonable amount of care to keep them in good running order with regular services and routine maintenance. If the tire gets a puncture, we fix it, if there is a prang, we get it repaired where possible. But if our car stops working altogether we get an expert (mechanic) to look under the hood to solve the problem. In summary, if our car is not starting or moving we automatically (without having any knowledge of cars) know that it must have something to do with the engine and it’s workings. So we go about getting an expert mechanic to find the CAUSE and fix it.

Now let us consider our own personal health and wellbeing. When it comes to the treatment of our own physical pain, illness or dis-ease many of us do not take the same approach. Instead of lifting the hood and addressing what’s underneath (the emotions, beliefs, mindset and thoughts) and getting an expert to give a full diagnosis of the situation and provide us with new parts, we simply just want to change the tyres, give ourselves a paint job and hope for the best that will do. Many of us will look at the exterior, and work from the outside in with medications such as pain killers for symptom treatment, but we don’t dare lift the hood for fear that the damage is too bad, or because we don’t understand that for our motor to run well, it needs maintenance and repair that being in the form of emotional balancing and healing. We never once consider how our mind (what’s under the hood) and all it’s workings has actually attributed to the creation of our physica illness, dis-ease or psychological imbalances. Most of us are yet to understand and learn that the physical pain that is occurring in our bodies is simply a signal that something more underlying needs to be address on the emotional plain. Because of this lack of knowledge, too few of us consider opening up the bonnet and peering inside and take the time to address the emotions, thoughts beliefs and negative life themes, whilst supporting the healing of the physical body.

Let’s look at it this way. Let’s say we injure ourselves and, as is an essential part of our healing, we go and see a physiotherapist, Chiropractor, doctor or any number of practitioners trained in dealing with the physical. We experience some temporary relief on occasions, and therefore cease the visits to such practitioners. Some of us don’t even get this far and just ride the pain by taking pain killers to mask the symptoms and just hope that it will subside. Yet what so many of us do not know is that recurring injury or pain is neglected for too long, we will eventually require surgery, then are subjected to ongoing rehabilitation. Whilst all the time not stopping to consider, “What has CAUSED this illness, disease or pain?” “What is the emotional connection to this ongoing physical issues?” The answer to that question may seem obvious when considering injuries, “Oh it’s because I fell over, lifted heavy boxes, slipped down stairs, was in an accident.” etc. Yet even in these instances there will be an associated emotional event, trauma or belief that has caused this. “How is this possible if it was the result of an accident?” I hear you ask.   It works this way; Not all physical illness and pain is happening because something is wrong in the body. In fact, with Biocompass® we now know and acknowledge due to the understanding of the mind body connection, that depending on what phase of the physical illnesses and dis-ease cycle you are, it might have come as the result of a resolution for an emotional issue in which the body responds intuitively and goes into ‘repair mode’. This means that the physical trauma is actually a sign that there has been a resolution to a ongoing problem somewhere in our lives.

The most common example of this is in our daily lives when we get colds and flus. How many of us get sick when we take a vacation and go on holiday? It is so common these days because in this day and age we live stressed lives, we spend our lives working non-stop, putting ourselves under physical and emotional strain, it’s a go go go mentality. Even preparing the family for a weekend away or a holiday, brings with itself an enormous amount of pressure and tension (for those who are inclined to be stress heads). So we put our bodies and minds into an emotional pressure cooker. We spend days running around getting everything ready. Then the day finally comes when we start our vacation, we get to stop and relax. Our bodies, have been under a state of stress for so long, and therefore unable to do anything except find ways to keep us going and not falling down in a heap, finally go “ok you’ve stopped now, you’re calm now, now I can go about my business of healing and getting better and ridding the body of these emotional toxins” – boom, flu on holiday kicks in.

That’s just an example of how the emotional affects the physical from the perspective of a day-to-day situation.   Yet imagine what all our emotional beliefs, ideas and ongoing stresses and negative thoughts as well as past traumas or significant (negative) life events are doing to our health over the long term if they are not being cleared, sorted and changed for more positive and resourceful ones. The impacts can be quite debilitating.   To highlight this point let’s look at lower back pain. Although in some instances general wear and tear due to poor posture, an accident etc would appear to be the pervading cause. Yet thanks to Biocompass® there is a specific description for the type of emotional trigger for pain in the lumbar area. That being a strong association with feelings of isolation (also known to affect the kidneys) a fear of not being supported (financially and emotionally), or not being able to support others, as well as feeling misunderstood or not getting your message across. There is also a fear of being left alone and often with the onset of the back pain one has in fact experienced these associated feelings. Money issues and financial worries have a very strong link to lower back pain. Take the guy who has been seeing a Chiropractor for ten years, only still to be suffering from the pain. Is this healing? Not once has he stopped to consider his unhappy marriage, his wife’s broken promise to get a job and support the relationship financially. The burden’s he has with his career and lack of a permanent ongoing job.

Shoulder issues are another common one and have a strong link to what is happening in your gut area, what are you not willing to stomach that is burdening you? The issues around shoulders are also very metaphorical “Who are you shouldering a burden for?” “Who or what is burdening you?” “What is ‘weighing you down”, “What load do you have to bare?” By failing to address the associated issues and gain complete resolution with these, then it is more than likely the healing of the shoulder will take a lot longer, or not until the perceived burden is removed from our lives or we find a resolution for this burden, or clear a past traumatic event from our subconscious. Healing of the body becomes so much more possible when you integrate the mind and emotions and their specific links to the body’s state of imbalance.

We now know, thanks to the work of the likes of biologist Bruce Lipton author of the “The Biology of Belief”, and Dr Bessel Van Der Kolk researcher and author of “The Body Keeps the Score,” that all past emotional traumas (no matter how big or small) are stored in our body’s cellular memory and depending on the type of emotional trauma, there will be a direct correlation with a certain part of the body. This is where Biocompass® works brilliantly at identifying those specific mind body links.

Matrix Reimprinting then acts as the healing tool by dissipating the associated physical pain and traumas and works with our subconscious selves to remove the limiting beliefs and change the significant life events that have (potentially) lead to the disease processes in our body.

So based on that insight, when considering what to do with ongoing illness or disease of the body, it is important to look at the whole picture. Rather than settle for symptomatic treatment as the end or only option, increase your chances for healing but working holistically and with integrated practitioners. Always consider the mind body connection, why has your body decided to have these symptoms and what causes can you clear to bring about a greater opportunity to heal yourself?

It is my passion and goal to support people to understand how important it is to take the time to consider what events, or beliefs have created the physical pain, dis-ease or trauma that you are experiencing. If we are truly wanting to heal ourselves and live a life of free of pain and illness, so that we do not have to just touch up the paint job and change the tires by relying on pharmaceuticals and a chiropractor till the end of our days. We need lift the bonnet and look within and not just change the spark plugs, but give our engines a complete overhaul with new beliefs, thoughts perceptions and emotions.

Anything is possible when we are balance and aligned emotionally.

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