12 years as a coach/healer has taught me that you are way more powerful than you realise and with the right tools you can THRIVE!

"I am beyond grateful for this women, Sonja has been a pivotal part of my own journey." Bec

Welcome - Your life is about to change in ways you couldn't even imagine. My work allows you to access your truest potential. Time to remove self doubt, time to feel confident. 

"I cannot believe how good I feel, your work is amazing." Lynne


The Mind and Body are intricately connected, to feel vibrant and healthy requires you to tap into the potential of both.

"Sonja has changed my life, I never knew how easy this could be!"

Why work with me? Because I have lived experience. What I help you move through I have helped heal in myself and others. These tools helped me manifest my dream home, dream fiancé (at age 47!), start and maintain a successful thriving business. My health is incredible at 49 and I have reversed my perimenopause symptoms.  Life is getting easier and more exciting as I age, not harder. 

Live a life you love. 
It's time to live in the present whilst creating an incredible healthy and abundant future. I help you find that inner spark and zest. Together we create a better now. 
Ready to THRIVE? 
Enough of the emotional overwhelm and stress. I am here to help you to feel in control and successful. 
Wellbeing and Health are possible with the right LIFESTYLE MEDICINE tools. 

This work is transformative.

Time to release the past and move forward with an embodied vision. Positive change comes from having the courage to step outside your comfort zone and do things differently! 

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What previous clients say about this work:
"Thank you for the work you do, you literally change lives." Kate
"Living life with confidence to smash more goals." Mel
"So loving life at the moment, feeling unstoppable." Sam
"Sonja is not your everyday therapist, she straight up knows her sh!t."  Kirsty

Time to be free to feel confident and full of self belief! 


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There are a variety of ways to access my services. Including online programs, digital products, pre-recorded webinars and workshops. From topics such as Reducing money stress and worries, beating Procrastination, learning how to manifest more and of course, being healthier. 
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Health Tips

Inside here you will find links to blogs and videos outlining info on topics related to integrative approaches to health and overall wellness. As a published author and presenter this is a topic I love sharing with everyone. We are in the most exciting stage of health transformation, learn more about what that looks like here. 
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This is a about Integrated health: Mind, Body and Emotional healing. As your coach/healer I help you unlock YOUR brilliance and potential. Taking your life to the next level. If you have not worked with me before please book a discovery call first. 
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‚ÄúYour work is amazing! It's changed my relationship, Thank you‚Ä̬†

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The Mind Body connection explained

3 Causes of Anxiety - how to recognise and recover

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