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In 2016 my father was placed in an induced coma due to severe bronchial pneumonia. We were told it wasn't looking like he would make it. 80 days in ICU would usually not have a happy ending. This time it did.

When you have spent over 20 years learning and training in integrative health and sciences, you know that there is so much more that can be done to save a life, even one that is severely diseased. My father would not be here today if we had not chosen to integrate his healthcare approach.


I have worked with 100s of clients with chronic conditions from panic attacks, stress, cancer, MS, past trauma, eczema, migraines and chronic pain (to name a few) to assist in their return to health through a fully integrated health approach.
I am a passionate educator, author, presenter and trainer in the field of holistic wellbeing. 
There is nothing that brings me more joy than seeing people become empowered about what is possible in regards to healing illness and disease. 
It is no longer enough to merely rely on allopathic medicine alone to treat symptoms. Symptoms are only an effect of a cause. We need to address a person's lifestyle and emotional health too to assess the root cause of the dis-ease. There is a direct scientific process that does this. The science of META health (Biocompass) treats the whole person and assesses all aspects of the human experience that leads to the creation of illness.
Gone are the days of seeking cures, we know the body can heal when we heal all aspects of ourselves. Opening your heart and mind to possibility is the first step. 


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There are a variety of ways to access my services. Including online programs, digital products, pre-recorded webinars and workshops. From topics such as Reducing money stress and worries, beating Procrastination, learning how to manifest more and of course, being healthier. 
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Health Inspo

Inside here you will find links to blogs and videos outlining info on topics related to integrative approaches to health and overall wellness. As a published author and presenter this is a topic I love sharing with everyone. We are in the most exciting stage of health transformation, learn more about what that looks like here. 
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Better health is often just a mind shift away. When we address root causes we change the game. I offer in-depth 1:1 health coaching/healing as well as a variety of courses, programs and live workshops. If you are ready to claim your health back and begin the healing journey let's chat. 
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