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Below are my bespoke services designed to really support you to transform your life; emotionally, mentally and physically. As with anything in life, success comes from commitment and consistency. These packages are designed to guide you to get the most out of the processes and are the best options for LIFE CHANGING results. 

All sessions are facilitated online, with the exception of Adolescent sessions. I no longer work with people under 16 years of age.

If you're not sure which package to book - book a free discovery call or initial new client session here;

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6 Session 'Starter' Package

If you are new to this and just want to experience some transformation or just getting a taste, then this is a good one to start with. We can start to unpack the challenges that are holding you back and begin the process of helping you feeling better.  

6 sessions is the minimum number required to work with me.

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8 Session 'Set me up for change'

8 sessions is a great benchmark to dig deeper and go further with the transformation journey. 

I find 8 sessions really allows for us to start to notice some decent shifts in your psychology and emotions. We aim to do the sessions fortnightly but can be done weekly.

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10 session 'I want Results' 

This package really does bring about noticeable changes in one's thinking and allows for real personal growth.

We can go so much deeper with the work when we work together for an extended period of time. This is for you if you know you want to experience positive expansion.  

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One Off Sessions: Bio-compass, Casual Follow up and Youth Bookings

Go here to book one off sessions, such as an 'Biocompass' root cause analysis, a top up session, New Client or Youth session. See you soon!

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